Our printing and engraving techniques are determined by the type of product and materials. We would be delighted to help you decide which is the most appropriate engraving techniqe for your project.

Screen Printing: Ideal for logotypes of 1-4 separated/independant colors




Screen printing is the traditional process done by inking an image over a porous material. Screen printing is done by setting the ink over a porous cloth and its then settled with a frame.

It is the best technique for logotypes with 1-4 colors without gradients in the shadowing and colors.



Full Color Photo Printing: Ideal for logotypes and graphics with many colors.


With photo printing, an image is printed onto a clear polymer coating on an intermediate ribbon using direct D2T2 printing. This coated image is then transferred from the intermediate ribbon onto the final substrate, such as a polycarbonate card. This is a fantastic solution for multi-colored images.



Laser engraving: Perfect for logotypes which require “Sharpness” on solid surfaces.

USBirdy has access to more than 10 high speed engraving machines to get after any kind of work from aluminium alloys to hardwoods.

Engraving typically lacks color, but makes up for it in style and ability to project a proffesional look. Logotypes with well defined borders are the best for this technique.

Feel free to give our expert engravers any challenge!

Diamond Engraving: Ideal for logotypes with edges and outlines.


Data Encryption and Partitioning

Your information can be encrypted and remain constantly visible through a dual partition system. One partition holds "guest" storage, while the other contains the data you require, creating a secure, protected area for your promotional material or sensative data.


Data Loading

We can preload your presentations, catalogs, or any type of advertising material you may require within your USB. Boost your sales with relevant data for your clients or set brand messages clearly. Load anything you want!

For Example:

  • Powerpoint Presentations 
  • PDF Files
  • Images and Pictures
  • Videos

Autorun Function

The Flash Drives from USBirdy can also posess an  “Autorun Function” This characteristic will allow for your preloaded data to open automatically once connected. If you wish this function we'll gladly add it!

Customization in Pantone® Colors

If you need a specific Pantone color on your USB, we can fabricate any in the Pantone color of your liking or according to your logotype.

  • The minimum order is 250 units.
  • Three business days are required for this service.
  • Only Pantone references are accepted no CMYK variances please
  • If you require a transparent case, you must take in account that the color of the product may vary

Custom Molds (our favorite projects)

We can fabricate a full customized mold themed after your mascot, logo or creative idea. We can mold after the shape your dreaming of or the one your brand requires such as logotypes, mascots or even products!

We start from images you send us from different perspectives and then we render it up to create a digital model and once you are satisfied with it we shape it to fit a technical gadget such as USB, Power Banks, Cell phone case, headphone case, whatever you have in mind..


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